Year Established:1999
Business Type:Manufacturer,Trading Company
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Total Revenue:0
Main Markets:Asia,Americas,Europe
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Evervictory Acutech Corporation’s proprietary ICP surfacing technology with absolutely zero loading of carbon black and surfactants. Our ESD products offers superb protection against tribocharging even at low temperatures and low RH levels. Free of contaminants , such as sloughing-off of carbon particles and migrated/aggregated hygroscopic surfactant molecules , the resultant our ESD products
complies with ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IEC 61340-5-1 ESD Program standards.

> S.R.=10^5~10^9 ohms
> Decay time: <2 sec
> Static voltage: ≦30 V

Company Profile:
> Established in 1999
> Listed Capital: NT$174 , 082 , 000 (~US$ 5.5 million)
> 1st R&D/factory site: Taoyuan , Taiwan (EAC Taiwan)
> 2nd R&D/factory site: Guang-Dong , China